Versatility of One Light


Elevate your images through the power and versatility of using only one light.


Come with me to Bonneville Salt Flats Oct 23rd – 25th where I will teach you how easy it can be to elevate your images to the next level. Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated, let me show you how!


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You need this workshop if you…


Can’t achieve the desired  lighting moods with your current lighting knowledge.




Are overwhelmed with what modifiers are best for different lighting effects.





Struggle with shooting under harsh, fast changing lighting conditions.





After this workshop you will be able to….

-Create dramatic and moody images.

-Choose the correct modifier for the lighting effect you want to create every time.

-Shoot easily and effortlessly under any lighting conditions.




I invite you to break free of your lighting fears. Experience 3 days of hands on learning, in class instruction and personal critique that will elevate your photography business to the next level. -Bart Cepek



This workshop will include:

  1. Classroom instruction
    • Fundamentals of using one light.
      • Just like learning how to use your camera in Manual Mode. Learning the fundamentals of one light lighting will teach you how to properly add lighting to your work.
    • Fundamentals of modifiers.
      • Not all modifiers are created equal. Each modifier has its own strength as well as weakness creating a particular lighting effect. Knowing which modifier to choose is fundamental to achieve the desired mood.
  2. Hands on training shooting during sunrise, sunset and harsh light conditions.
    • This will be group instruction on the Salt Flats using your own gear.
  3. Instructor critique
    • After the morning hands on training I will be critiquing your images to help you fine tune what you learned so you can apply that for the evening hands on portion of the workshop.
This workshop will be limited to 6 people allowing everyone to have ample time for one on one instruction. 


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Create incredible ONE light Portraits.


Idaho premiere studio portrait wedding senior family automotive outdoor & model photographer


Versatility of One Light Workshop


$750 $600

Early bird pricing thru Oct 10th


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